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Real Tan is Organic, Eco-Friendly, Rejuvenating and Nourishing
The Real Tan Story
The Real Tan Story
How the Real Tan Story Began

As tanning enthusiasts, we have been developing different formulations of tanning oil since the 90’s.

The first blend consisted of coconut oil, baby oil (mineral oil), and iodine. This gave us a dark tan but because of the presence of mineral oil and iodine it burnt the skin unnaturally which promotes skin ageing, uneven skintones, and damage. We later found out that mineral in oil and iodine are both harmful to the human body as well as the environment.

We looked to nature and found the combination of coconuts, carrots, and coffee oils packed a vitamin rich, powerful punch that gave a natural, golden tan that lasted longer without the bad stuff.

We want to make sure that you get a browning oil that will get you tan, naturally.

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